special thanks goes out to the many people who have helped me along the way, whether that be simply taking a picture of my work, posing for a picture, helping out with this website, collaborating on a piece, accepting a submission to an art show, lending me a video camera to record a time lapse video, helping me get an internship, or just believing in me and pushing me forward. this is for you mom, dad, grandma, tara scoggins, overseer jason theodore, pastor sonja theodore, taneesha williams, trey dickinson, dennis boyce, janus00, kendall mathis, rod ward, optimystical, mariano godseo, mason adams, dakota ling, andrew hagler, elizabeth mosher, emilio jeffries, david johnson, emily phillips, kendra diaz, casey moseley, brianna coe, ron laboray, jon jicha, alice sebrell, sarah bonner, marya roland, ian ward, joseph moon, jessica covacs, kelly douyotas, woody hayes,& ann suggs. thank you.
Recent Work

Some of my more recent projects from 2014 & 2015

Patriotic Cookies
How to change your oil
Black Mamba
Integral Recording Solutions
Press On

Logo Design

Logo for a clients rock band, entitled "Drunk on the Regs." Hover over the image to pause! The slideshow goes from color palette, to final product, to alternates, & backwards to conception.

Alternates Alternates Concepts Concepts Concepts Concepts Ideas

Web Design

Simple, clean website for a clients Sound Engineering business. It is not live as of yet. Client uses a Nuemann TLM 102 as pictured here.